Hatton & Edwards Fine Wine Merchants was founded in 2013, with the simple notion of offering great stock and charming service at a fair price. It proved popular, quickly gaining a global following from both trade and private clients. As well as focusing on selling fine wine, H & E specialise in the purchasing of well stored In Bond and Duty Paid collections – making extremely competitive offers with market leading efficiency around logistics and payment. We do not believe in broking. All wines listed on this site are owned outright by Hatton & Edwards and therefore can be promptly shipped once ordered. Although the companies heart lies in the wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy, at times Hatton & Edwards stocks bottles from over 50 regions. A commitment to personal service, attractive pricing, not to mention a nose for a decent bottle, is still the foundation of the firm.

Meet the team

Timothy Block

Purchasing Director

Tim founded H&E in 2013 having spent the previous 6 years working in the trade. He specialises in valuing wines of the old world but also has a passion for rare spirits, particularly Whisky and Chartreuse.

For valuation enquiries please contact Tim on timothy@thelondonwinecellar.com

Jack Boone

Sales Director

Jack joined H&E in 2013, later becoming a shareholder and then Director in 2019. With more than 10 years of experience in the wine trade, Jack is the proud father of one and enjoys playing cricket and drinking Burgundy.

For valuation sales enquiries please contact Jack on jack@hewines.com

Camilla Goodall

Head of Accounts and Operations

Joining H&E in 2018, Camilla holds an advanced accounting diploma and is also hot-stepping her way through the WSET process. Her passion for fine wine & spirits partnered with military organisation means Camilla is just as at home valuing rare Macallan as she is financial reporting.

For accounts or whisky valuation enquiries please feel free to contact Camilla on camilla@hewines.com

Orlando Beney

Head of Logistics

Orlando joined our team in 2020 to take charge of logistics at the Hatton Edwards group. Having previously worked in the logistics teams of Hedonism Wines and Domaine Direct he was well placed to help take H&E to the next level of customer experience. Speaking no less than 7 languages Orlando is able to converse with all most all our clients whether that be about Arsenal, cricket or grapes (of which he is hugely knowledgeable).

For all Logistics enquiries please contact Orlando on orlando@hewines.com

Lana-June Heffner

Office Manager

Lana joined our team in 2020 to manage the office and support the team as the business grows. Her background in international business communication and media, combined with her interest in all things wine (perhaps thanks to her mother being in the wine industry herself), meant she made an instant impact. Lana speaks fluent German and has a soft spot for Riesling.

For all advertising, media & general enquires please contact Lana on lana@hewines.com

Harry Arthur

Purchasing Assistant

Harry joined our team in 2020 having spent the previous 2 years at Liv-Ex where he was at the epicentre of wine valuing and data. His understanding of wine pricing offers our clients a wealth of options when it comes to analysing their collections. Harry's sporting passions lie with Plymouth Argyle FC and he is also progressing through the WSET.

For all valuation enquiries please contact Harry on harry@hewines.com