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Wine can be bought and storied ‘in bond’ – this means that it is stored in an HM Customs & Excise approved bonded warehouse. This is very popular because duty and VAT is not payable until the wine is removed from this warehouse. If you select ‘In Bond’ we will need your bonded warehouse details. If you don’t have a bonded warehouse account, you can set one up with us – check out our HE Reserves page to take advantage of these benefits.


If you want to have these items delivered to you instead of keeping them in a bonded warehouse, you must select ‘Delivery’. Duty and VAT will then be added to your items.

Condition Notice
Condition Notice

Hatton and Edwards specialise in vintage and unique goods. Whilst we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest wines and spirits cellared in proper conditions, imperfections are sometimes inevitable. We want our customers to be able to purchase with confidence, and to understand exactly what they are purchasing, therefore, any products that we consider to have noteworthy imperfections are marked with an asterisk* and their price will reflect their condition.

Condition notes vary across our products, but some examples of the most likely condition notes are:

Damage to a labels and capsules

Much of HE stock has been sourced from classic cellars outside of their cases. Storing wine like this can increase the chances of label damage, for example when moving bottles or high humidity causing dampness. Similarly, damage to capsules can occur. Whilst some wines on our list may have damage to the capsule, Hatton and Edwards will never sell an item which cannot be confirmed as fully sealed.

Bin Soiled

Very bin soiled

Capsule damage

Low levels

‘Ullage is the best guide you have to the condition of a bottle of wine, especially if you don’t know for certain how it’s been stored.’ Matt Walls ( 2018)

We would never sell a bottle with an abnormally low level for its age. We ensure this by sourcing our wines from cellars with above c.70% humidity and temperatures below 15C, absent of light and vibrations.

However, wines are subject to natural processes so older vintages do experience ullage and this should be expected. Indeed, an ullage could be defined as good when considered against the wine’s vintage!

Below are some examples

Base of neck

Top Shoulder

Mid shoulder

Cases or Boxes

Where we list the format as a multiple (eg 12x75cl, 6x75cl, 3x150cl etc.), this will always denote wines sold in their original wooden or cardboard case.

Spirits should always be assumed to come with their original cases (where one existed). However, if the box or case has been lost, we will mark this item with an asterisk * to show you there is a condition note. Where the producer did not release the spirit with any packaging, this will not be deemed a condition note and no asterisk will be used.


We stock some old bottles of spirits. Spirits closures may deteriorate over time so please take care when opening these bottles. Our products are sold as they are described and we cannot accept any liability for the state of the closure.

Individual product condition notes are not listed on our website, however, if you want to know more about a particular item or list of items, please get in touch with our team directly at [email protected]. We will be happy to provide detailed condition notes and/or images upon request.

Please be aware that purchasing is at the buyer’s risk and we cannot accept returns or refunds for asterisked * condition note items. If you have any questions about the condition of any of our stock, please do get in touch with the team in advance.

All prices exclude VAT. In bond items IB exclude duty. Select 'delivery' on IB items to show price including duty.

What does this mean?

Chateau Beychevelle 4eme Cru Classe, Saint-Julien, 2020

Out of stock

Type Wine (Still)
Colour Red
Alcohol Content 13.5
Vintage 2020
Country France
Region Bordeaux
Sub Region Saint-Julien

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Critic Review
Critic Review
Bordeaux 2020: Saving the Best for Last (Feb 2023)

The 2020 Beychevelle is a wild, exotic beauty. Blackberry jam, gravel, crushed rocks menthol and espresso ristretto give Beychevelle its flamboyant personality. All the elements are so well balanced in this full-throttle, hugely enjoyable Saint-Julien. The 2020 is lights out.

Antonio Galloni - 96

2020 Bordeaux En Primeur: Almost Back to Normal (Jun 2021)

The 2020 Beychevelle opens with the most exotic bouquet imaginable. Wild flowers of all sorts, spice, lavender and inky dark fruit all saturate the palate. As always, Beychevelle is an overt, flamboyant wine, but all of the elements are so well out together. The 2020 is sexy, alluring and impossible to resist. Time in the glass brings out redder tonalities of fruit along with sweet floral notes that add striking inner perfume. Even as a barrel sample, I am so tempted to just drink it.

Antonio Galloni - 94-96

Thrice Is Nice: Bordeaux 2020 in Bottle (Feb 2023)

The 2020 Beychevelle was perplexing from barrel. Re-tasting it three or four times, I discerned a faint but nagging vegetal note on the finish, though it was not evident on a bottle subsequently tasted at the property, which governed my banded score. Returning to Bordeaux to taste the wines that had been bottled in June 2022, I certainly appreciate the bouquet that is clean and pure with blackberry, bilberry, cedar and background sous-bois aromas. The oak is beautifully integrated. The palate is medium-bodied with pliant tannins and well-judged acidity. Quite intense black fruit laced with graphite, perhaps a tad more peppery than usual. On the first bottle encountered at a merchant, I picked up on the green note that sent alarm bells ringing. A second bottle at the château unequivocally showed no signs at all, very sleek and poised with a residual tingle of black pepper. Based on this sample, I am cautiously optimistic about this Beychevelle, though I will always keep a lookout for that trait.

Neal Martin - 93

Vingt-Vingt Vins: Bordeaux 2020 (May 2021)

The 2020 Beychevelle is the one wine that I vowed to re-taste at the château since I found three samples tasting in the UK vexing because of a green taint on the finish. Here, the nose performs well: pure blackberry and crushed violet, none of those incongruous “mulch” or “vegetal” scents that I noticed before. That’s a good omen. The palate? This is far different to the samples tasted before. I think there is still a very nuanced green/bell pepper note towards the finish, but here it is subsumed into the layers of black fruit. Swallowing a sip just to be certain, I am more reassured that the samples in the UK were unrepresentative and glad that I did not attribute a score, which I am happy to do now.

Neal Martin - 94-96

Vingt-Vingt Vins: Bordeaux 2020 (May 2021)

This Saint-Julien estate has produced wonderful wines from their new winery in recent years under head winemaker, the congenial Philippe Blanc. But my job is to tell it like it is and the truth is that all three bottles of the 2020 Beychevelle tasted from different sources, including one directly from the château and with different sample dates, left me scratching my head. It was picked from 14 September to 29 September and cropped at 47hl/ha. Initially, it has a backward and herbal nose, attractive black fruit with touches of tobacco and mulch, the latter turning slightly vegetal. The palate is medium-bodied with blackberries tinged with bay leaf and a touch of white pepper. However, the first bottle exhibited some unwanted green/stalky notes that poked out on the finish. It was less evident on the second bottle sent directly from the estate that was given 90 minutes' aeration. Unexpectedly a third bottle arrived, this taken from barrel later on 17 May. I was hoping it would disprove my findings, so I had it served blind. I picked it up again - just like the first. Now, maybe this will be assimilated during its élevage after all, I occasionally notice this trait on Brane-Cantenac and with time it becomes subsumed, even enhancing complexity. But because all three samples left me vexed, I will refrain from scoring this wine and revisit the bottle later on. The only thing I can promise is that I will tell you exactly what I find.

Neal Martin - 0

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Shipping Information

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